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"The growth and strengthening of the research is the result of work performed with partnership in various sectors of the university. In this context, the partnership with BIOPDI through the acquisition of equipment, and the subsequent advice and personalized assistance leveraged and diversified the possibilities for research in the Post-Graduate Program in Dentistry of the Federal University of Maranhão.”

Prof. Dr. Darlon Martins Lima

Coordinator of the Post-Graduate Program in Dentistry of the Federal University of Maranhão - PPGO/UFMA
Prof. Adjunto de Dentística
Department of Dentistry I / CCBS
Federal University of Maranhão – UFMA

“My experience with the Biopdi’s equipment for scientific tests has been very fruitful. The ability to extract maximum results through the acquired machines has brought great benefits to the research of my department.”

Prof Dr. Paulo Francisco Cesar

Professor of the Biomaterials and Oral Biology Department of FOUSP
Vice-President of the Research Committee of FOUSP
Secretary of Academy of Dental Materials

"I got several Biopdi’s equipment and I was very pleased with the way the company developed the equipment in the exact format that I needed for my research."

Prof. Dr. Sérgio Alexandre Gehrke

General Director at Bioface Institut

“BIOPDI has been a great partner in our research. The differential of the company is to meet the specific needs of our trials and attentive way we try to solve any problem. So, I can say that we raise the level of our group surveys by the acquisition of the BIOPDI equipment.”

Profa. Dra. Renata Marques de Melo Marinho

Researcher at the Dentistry Material Department
Faculdade de Odontologia de São José dos Campos – UNESP

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